Glassic - Mosaic Studio & Gallery

Mosaic is one of the most ancient and important forms of artistic expression.
In archeological excavations throughout the world and here in Israel, we find proof that Mosaic existed over two thousand years ago.
From the first finds it is evident that Mosaic art was used as floor coverings in homes and public places, such as temples.
The floor motifs were mostly taken from nature and the Mosaic tiles used to create the art were natural river stones, in black, white, green, blue, terracotta and ceramic.
The Mosaic tiles are called Tesserae, or cube.
With the rise of the Church and Christianity the motifs became religious and the artwork was done on walls rather than the flooring.
The Church encouraged artists to create designs depicting Biblical and New Testament stories as well as images of saints.
At this period artist started using colorful glass, adding it to the previously used materials.
At the dawn of the 19th century, Mosaic art re awakened.
Artists at this period have added pebbles, Sea shells marble cork and Smalti glass to the list of previously used materials.
Current Mosaic artists may choose from a variety of innovative materials and are freely creating with old and new materials frescos, sculptures, decorative items, home furnishings and pictures.

Glassic Studio & Gallery was born as dream to create and teach the art of Mosaic.
Classes are held in a pleasant and peaceful country local where student receive individual attention.
Workshops can be organized to celebrate events or just to experience a taste of this form of art.
Beginners as well as advance students are welcome.